How Tuff Is Your K-9?



    Training Season Begins

    Tandem Agility


  • Take On The Challenge

    Tuff Mutter is a human-canine obstacle course you participate in together. Tuff Mutter puts teamwork first and challenges participants with an exciting, yet safe obstacle experience. A one-of-a-kind event, Tuff Mutter solidifies the bond you have with your canine while improving your health, wellness, and companionship.

  • The Relationship of Obstacle

    ​​Swing across the monkey bars, crawl through twisting tubes, ascend over impediments. Test you & your canine's strength and coordination as you complete each go at the course. You’ll find yourselves becoming radically closer companions.


    A Healthy Dose of Fitness

    Tuff Mutter challenges you and your canine to different tests of agility. You’ll train different muscle groups, get in some cardio, and become stronger – while you and your dog have a blast!

    Benefit Veterans & Canines

    Canines and veterans go together hand-in-paw. This year’s Tuff Mutter benefits two strong advocates of veterans rights, health, and safety. Tammy Duckworth, now running for US Senate, is a long-time proponent for veterans affairs, and Paws for Purple Hearts has been allying service dogs for wounded warriors.

  • Heroically Overcoming Obstacles

    All benefits of TuffMutter go to Paws for Purple Hearts and Tammy Duckworth for Senate.

    Donate to Tammy Duckworth for Senate

    A Champion for Supporting Veterans

    While serving as a helicopter pilot for the US Army, Tammy Duckworth lost both her legs and partial use of her right arm when she was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. When she returned to the States, she became an ardent advocate for veterans rights. TuffMutter supports her mission to help veterans here at home as she campaigns for a US Senate seat.


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    Donate to Paws for Purple Hearts

    The Wounded Warrior's Best Friend

    Since 2006, Paws for Purple Hearts has supported wounded combat veterans by training service dogs for wounded warriors. Their therapeutic intervention program also helps veterans with PTSD by teaching them to train the very service dogs that help their comrades. Encourage loving canine care of our veterans with every TuffMutter donation to PPH.


    Donate To Paws For Purple Hearts >

  • Two Ways To Train

    The Tuff Mutter obstacle course is open to all well-socialized dogs and their owners every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Redwood City: 866 Kaynyne Street (map).


    There's two ways to start Tuff Mutter training.

    For every $20 donated to our beneficiaries, you get one ticket of your choice:

    • Weekday Solo Training. Your dog is paired with a Tuff Mutter trainer for two runs of the course. We record the runs and post a highlights video to our Facebook page for you to share. Available Monday - Friday during daycare.
    • Weekend Team Training. You and your pooch train the course together for two hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Simply donate $20 to one or both of our beneficiaries above and bring your dated receipt or proof of donation along with your Tuff Mutter ticket.

  • Share Tuff Mutter

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    For more information, contact Tuff Mutter at (650) 364 - 7792.